Our unique method

There are various methods available for handling End of Life Solid State Drive (SSD) and Hard-Disk Drive (HDD) storage devices, mobile phones, redundant servers and microchips including software-sanitization and physical hardware-based destruction options like shredding. 

Many of the current data destruction methods on the market including wiping and degaussing don’t change the physical component of a disk. How do you know the data has been destroyed? There remains a risk data can still be recovered from your destroyed drives when these methods are used.

We at AVTEL Data Destruction have designed and developed an independently NATA tested – T4 Approved unique mobile data destruction solution. Our Milling solution is the most secure of them all.

We mill HDDs, SSDs, mobile phones, CDs, USBs and more, all down to particles smaller than 9mm (as low as sub 3mm when required), which is much smaller than other services currently available in the market.

A drive, and what that drive becomes using our machine

The milled e-waste that comes out of our machine