Frequently asked questions


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What is the speed for crushing a HDD?

This is difficult to define for the following reasons:

The process of our machine is to actually Mill the disks as they enter the receptacle – essentially we have multiple hammers which continually pulverise the hard drive until such time as the aperture of the pieces are small enough to move through the respective size screen installed for the job i.e. >9mm, >6mm, >3mm.

Therefore the size of the final product has a material impact on the processing time.

Weight/Density of construction and Age of the disks have a material impact on the time it takes to process drives.

All the above being said, our machine processes on average the following when achieving a 9mm aperture:

  • 2.5 inch – 1400 per day approx.

  • 3.5 inch – 800 per day approx.


What is the speed for destroying a SSD?

We currently process these at a rate of 1,600 per day.  This is based on a single operator, during normal working hours.


Can items like mother boards and other devices be crushed?

Yes, in theory they can and we have processed these – we will need to review/analyse the boards to ensure they pass through the existing entry.


Can you process hand guns through your machine?

HAND GUNS!? Yes, we have been requested to process confiscated hand guns and mill them to ensure their absolute destruction. 


What is the maximum size of debris for each solution?

The aperture of the solution is dictated by the customer’s requirement and budget – the smaller the size the more expensive – essentially due to the time at which the drive spends in the processing chamber.


How long can the machine run?

Our machine is specifically designed to operate under the following power sources:

  • Either under 3 phase mains power as provided by the customer; or

  • Onboard generator which is fuelled via an auxiliary fuel source attached to the vehicle.

With the above our machine can run continuously for an 8 hour cycle – necessary employee breaks excluded. 


How long can the machine continually destroy?

At this stage the machine has run for a full day's processing.


How many drives can be crushed in one sitting?

Please refer to the above point, this is contingent on many factors including age, weight, disk density, however we average the following:

  • 3.5 inch disks – 800 per day

  • 2.5 inch disks – 1,400 per day

  • SSD disks – 1,600 per day


What is the pricing structure?

Our pricing structure is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of our many and varied customer requirements.  Accordingly, our prices are based on the following parameters:

  • The aperture at which the client is seeking to achieve

  • The type of electronic media being processed

  • The volume of media

  • Customer budgetary requirements

  • Ongoing requirements

On evaluation of the above, we enter into a contracted arrangement with our customers.


Is there a volume discount?

Yes, we certainly consider volume when designing and structuring our solution for customers.


Our existing service provider’s solution overheats in 1 hour and then needs to shut down for an extended period of time – Does AVTEL Data Destruction have the same challenge?

Many competitors in the market use a machine which was not designed to do the volumes of hard drives the market is now looking to process.

The ADD solution is a purposely designed machine with the intent and requirement to process in excess of 1,000 units per day, accordingly our machine has been purpose designed, developed and manufactured with this key deliverable in mind. 

Accordingly, as you will see from the videos available the environment in which the machine operates considers and makes provisions for the following:

  • Airflow through extensive utilisation of extraction fans;

  • Air-conditioning throughout the machine

  • Most importantly, a design and development focus on manufacturing a machine to specifically meet the needs of processing in excess of 1,000 drives per day.


How do you dispose of your waste?

AVTEL Data Destruction partner with state-approved and certified recyclers to ensure all the electronic waste components we collect are properly processed in an environmentally responsible manner to the highest standards.

Our recycling partners assist us to provide transparency and accountability of the downstream recycling process.