When the complete and secure eradication of data is required, we do not believe software-based erasure passes the future-proof test. The device or drive is wiped of data, but even if the SSD or HDD passes current tests, there’s a risk that the future may present a new technology for recovering ‘erased’ information.

While hardware-based destruction such as degaussing, shredding, and dismantling HDDs and SSDs can be more secure than software-based erasure, experts at AVTEL Data Destruction believe that those techniques are not enough to ensure security in perpetuity.

Milling down to tiny particles is the only process that the AVTEL Data Destruction team use, as we believe it is the most secure method to ensure no data can be retrieved from your e-waste now or in the future.

Old drives, and their resulting milled e-waste

Milled hard drive particles in various sizes, sub 9mm